Barcelona Fishing Tourism proposes to discover a hidden enclave that safeguards the essence of the seafaring culture and fishing tradition of the city of Barcelona.

We offer guided tours to the Fishermen's Guild of Barcelona, ​​we create experiences that value the city's maritime cultural heritage and sustainability.

Our guides are Marine Biologists who will discover the secrets of the sea and the fishing culture of Barcelona.

I arranged a visit with my chef professional certificate students and it was a very good experience, Nuria was our guide and we were delighted. She masters her subjects perfectly and has a special gift when it comes to making the visit very dynamic. Without forgetting Ana, who is also highly recommended.
David Drocourt
A few days ago I had the opportunity to make this fantastic visit off the conventional routes, to the Barceloneta Fishermen's Guild. An excellent and highly prepared guide, Anna Bozzano, accompanied us to discover the secrets of the port, giving us in a fun and accessible way useful and very interesting information about current and local sustainable fishing, as well as about the history of the port with its anecdotes and curiosities. I strongly recommend a visit to everyone, whether it is an adult audience more knowledgeable about environmental issues (Anna is a marine biologist and we kept asking her questions that she answered in detail, we would have spent hours listening to her!), or of a children's, school and family audience. Anna knows how to adapt her speech and tone to any audience!
Maddalena Basevi
We went as a family and we all loved the visit. Anna was a great guide, she explained to us the types of fish, the different ways of fishing, we received the boats that brought the very fresh fish of the afternoon and we were able to witness how it was finally sold at the fish market. We learned a lot! 100% recommendable
Alexandra L.
A great didactic and human experience. Being able to experience the profession of fishing and auction in the middle of the city. A place of absolute authenticity, where you can observe the different arts of traditional fishing such as the trammel net, the release, the longline, the handle, the jig... Well explained and naturally. A must visit!
Iñaki López Goñi
We have made a visit with 5-year-old early childhood education students and it has been a fantastic experience. The activity is very dynamic, adapted, visual and fun. The children have really enjoyed discovering the profession of fishermen as well as the importance of taking care of the sea. Thank you very much Anna and Núria, it has been a very fun and enriching day!
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