What is Green Friday? It is the sustainable alternative to the already famous Black Friday, where the sales blind us and sometimes we buy more or things that we don’t really need, for the mere fact that their price is reduced.


A black Friday for the planet.

The Black Friday it began in the USA, where on the last Friday of November prices fell, inviting people to buy those items that were not affordable during the year due to their price or to buy Christmas gifts in advance and at a better price. Nowadays, Black Friday is not only the last Friday of November, but it lasts for weeks, in which consumers are subjected to overwhelming advertising that results in the impulsive purchase of items that, many times, are not necessary. .

It is rarely talked about cost that this day has on an ecological and human level, which is very high in both aspects. The majority of brands that join Black Friday are large companies, which can afford to lower their prices without incurring losses. How is this possible? The secret is in the production chain, where they have their factories or how much they pay their employees.

If small local and artisan businesses already have it difficult during the rest of the year, this day is even more complicated, since, in most cases, the price of their product is very adjusted and is equivalent to the costs of material and personnel. and a minimum profit.

Responsible consumption is the key

As an alternative to this unbridled consumption, in 2015 the movement of Green Friday, which does not intend to put an end to shopping on these dates, but rather is aimed at the consumer to encourage responsible consumption. This campaign was promoted by the European Commission and other organizations such as WWF or Ecoserveis.

Making a responsible and conscious consumption These days we contribute to reducing the impact of this date on our planet, but…How to achieve it? Shopping in physical stores or making a list of what we really need and sticking to it can be good ways to start. We can also look for small local businesses that join this day and make our purchases there, so that, in addition to getting what we need at a better price, we support these types of establishments.

Green is the new black