The content is adapted to different training courses and the activities are carried out by marine biologists and oceanographers, so that students can get the most out of the experiences we propose.

The workshops can be held in the classroom of the group’s educational center or in the Barcelona Fishermen’s Guild.

Apex predators: the importance of sharks

45 species of sharks inhabit the waters of the Mediterranean and if they did not, the entire ecosystem would be less biodiverse, less rich. In this workshop we will talk about how evolution has allowed these ancient inhabitants of the sea to reach our days, occupying a key role for its balance. We will analyze their anatomy and ecology, and we will also explain some behavioral curiosities so that our perception of danger is transformed into amazement and respect for the role these animals play.

Duration: 50 minutes

Marine trash: from everyone's and from no one

The Mediterranean is dramatically exposed to marine litter and fishermen bring a sample of it to port every day. During the workshop we will analyze the origin and typologies of marine waste, working to obtain data and thus be able to analyze the scale of the problem. We will open a debate on how or what the different social actors could do in the fight against the pollution of our seas and oceans.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Guided tour: The Fishermen's Guild of Barcelona

Catalonia is promoting the Blue Economy of its maritime spaces, including the Fishermen's Guilds. During our visit to the facilities we will talk about culture and seafaring tradition, as well as economy and resilient ecosystems. Fish catches will allow us to introduce the topic of biodiversity and responsible consumption. We will end the visit with a reflection on the future of these primary producers and the importance of local products.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

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