The content is adapted to the group’s formation and the level demanded by the teachers.

The workshops can be held in the classroom of the group’s educational center or in the Barcelona Fishermen’s Guild.

The world of sharks

How do you go from the perception of danger to a feeling of optimism in relation to this group of animals? The answer is: through knowledge; because, as Cousteau said, we protect what we love and we love what we know.In this workshop we bring students closer to the biology of sharks from an ecosystem point of view, in order to convey the importance of the role of these organisms in maintaining a healthy and biodiverse sea.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Drowning the sea

80% of marine litter is from land origin. Is there anything we can do to prevent waste from reaching the big blue? In this workshop we will analyze the garbage that fishermen bring to port every day, garbage collected on our beaches, and sand samples with microplastics. Where are you from? And its destination? We will reflect on how to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the sea.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Guided tour: The Fishermen's Guild of Barcelona

The Barcelona Fishermen's Guild is a hidden place that safeguards the essence of the seafaring culture and fishing tradition of the city. The objective of the visit is to discover a place in Barcelona unknown to many, learn about the importance of conserving marine life, get closer to the professions of the world of the sea, learn about the food marketing process and learn notions of healthy eating and responsible consumption. .

Duration: approximately 2 hours

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