The content is adapted to the different primary cycles so that students can get the most out of the experiences we propose.

The workshops can be held in the classroom of the group’s educational center or in the Barcelona Fishermen’s Guild.

What fish am I?

We will learn about various species of fish that are common on our coasts and we will understand why eating fish is healthy. We will learn the differences between white fish and blue fish, to appreciate their nutritional properties. We will discover that there are seasons in the sea and that we can choose the best recipe at each time of the year, to be able to make responsible consumption of this wonderful product.

Duration: 50 minutes Recommended for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

The world of sharks

Afraid of sharks? We don't know what that is! In this workshop, immerse yourself with our experts in the exciting world of these animals. We will observe and touch real samples of various species. We will learn different aspects of their biology and understand the importance of protecting these animals in their natural environment.

Duration: 50 minutes Recommended for all cycles

The treasures of the sea

Starfish, crabs, shells... do you want to know the secrets hidden at the bottom of the sea? Touching different invertebrates from our coasts we will bring the most curious students closer to a world that is normally hidden from us. Its diversity of shapes and behaviors will stimulate the curiosity of the students.

Duration: 50 minutes Recommended for all cycles

For everyone and for no one

The sea is a common good that provides us with food, oxygen, fun, economy and much more. So why don't we take care of it? To better understand this problem, we became scientists for a few hours and analyzed one of the biggest environmental threats we face: marine litter!

Duration: 50 minutes Recommended for all cycles

Guided tour: The Fishermen's Guild of Barcelona

In Barcelona we have a lot of sea culture, come and get to know the Barcelona Fishermen's Guild. Here you can learn what the daily life of a fisherman is like and learn about other ancient professions related to the world of fishing. In addition, we will discover what species of fish live on our coasts and how they get to our plate. We will also talk about the great enemy that fishermen face today: marine litter; and what we can do to help them.

Duration: approximately 2 hours Recommended for all cycles

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